Xpart Close Call

What is XPart Close Call. . .

XPart Close Call process can be activated if your MG or Rover has been involved in an accident and requires parts which would in effect render the vehicle an insurance write off under the standard XPart Pricing structure.

Close Call was introduced by XPart a few years ago in an attempt to help reduce the number of MG Rover cars that were being written off by insurers. The scheme is primarily aimed at the following categories:-

  • S (formally Cat C)  The new Category S means the vehicle has suffered structural damage. This could include a bent or twisted chassis, or a crumple zone that has collapsed in a crash. Category S damage is more than just cosmetic, therefore, and the vehicle will need to be professionally repaired. Also, it won’t be safe to drive until then.
  • N (formally Cat D) insurance write-offs. Vehicles graded accordingly haven’t sustained structural damage, so the issue may be cosmetic, or a problem with the electrics that isn’t economical to repair. Don’t assume such vehicles are drivable, however; non-structural faults may include brakes, steering or other safety-related parts.


The objective of ‘Close Call’ is to review (on request) the prices of expensive body, electrical and mechanical parts, so that repair costs become economically viable. If the cost of the part (s) would ultimately mean that the car is not repaired, then there is a process in place to potentially approve special pricing, depending upon the nature of the part and the circumstances of the repair.

The claimants bodyshop or garage contact John Woods Motorcare Ltd (XPart MG Rover Wholesale Distributor for North Wales and Cheshire) and submit a list of replacement parts that are required to repair the vehicle. The list is processed and sent over to the XPart team for review and, if possible, a revised price offer is made for the cost of the parts to try and ensure that parts cost is not a factor in the car being written off. Since the programme’s introduction, more than 80 per cent of claims have resulted in the revised offer being accepted and the car being saved.

For more information contact one of the team at John Woods Motorcare on 01352 759418 or email info@johnwoodsmotorcare.net